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About Us

We are Daniel and Kate Pullen, visual storytellers from Hatteras Island, North Carolina. Our passion is to creatively narrate authentic moments through bold documentary photographs. We have served as leaders in avant-garde photography on the Outer Banks since 2003. From Daniel’s notable freelance career as a surf, documentary, and commercial photographer, to our progressive approach to weddings & portraits, our task is to provide our clients with stellar five-star images through exclusive and engaging artistry. Whether shooting close to home or far away, on assignment or for personal work, we believe that compelling stories can be found in every circumstance of life. Our goal is to photograph those palpable moments with genuine emotion and timelessness.

"It's no secret there's a high concentration of professional photographers on the Outer Banks... It can be hard to keep up with the photographers on the beach when they're springing up like wildflowers, but one that stands out is local artist and photographer, Daniel Pullen."

The North Beach Sun



Daniel is an award-winning, internationally published documentary photographer. Drawing from his intense passion (perhaps... obsession) for photography, Daniel’s life and work centers around pursuing the art of the photograph. He grew up on Hatteras island – a sliver of surfers’ paradise off of the coast of North Carolina. Fueled by his love of the ocean and surfing, he began to pursue his passion for art and photography in his teens. By his 20’s Daniel had gained notoriety for his unique style: a marriage of fine art, surf, and documentary photography. As a result of his success, in 2003, he founded Pullen Art & Photography, a business blending surf art & documentary photography with professional event and commercial photography. In 2014, based on popular demand, he began teaching 1:1 and group photography workshops on Hatteras Island. The result has been a new-found passion, teaching - and he is set to launch a full Workshop Schedule for 2018. In 2016 Daniel opened “The Gallery” a studio featuring the best of his work, and a space for people to gather, discuss, and appreciate photography. Daniel is proponent of art education, and he regularly volunteers his time and expertise with local non-profit organizations, such as, Outer Banks Community Foundation, Hatteras Island Youth Foundation, Little Pink Houses of Hope, Hatteras Cancer Foundation, Dare County Schools, Young Life, and Dare County Parks & Recreation. He served two years on the Board of Directors for the Dare County Arts Council. In 2016 he completed, Foundation Workshop, the world’s most intense wedding photojournalism workshop, as well as David Alan Harvey’s Storytelling workshop in Puerto Rico. He is set to publish his first book, “The Independent Waterman,” in 2018. 

Publication/Print & Online: Canadian Geographic, UNC Press, Our State Magazine, NC Wildlife Magazine, Surfer Magazine, Surfing Magazine, Bit and Grain, Outer Banks Magazine, The Milepost, The Virginia Pilot, Honey (Japan), National Geographic. For a full list of publication please see www.danielpullenphotography.com 

Click HERE to view more of Daniel's commercial, surf, and documentary work.



I began shooting professionally with Daniel in 2005. I love telling stories through photographs, and I believe that spontaneity is the key to capturing emotion- and being prepared for anything. I received a BA from the Friends World International Studies Program of Long Island University in 2000 after studying in NY, East Africa, Central America and Middle East. After graduating, I worked in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, before moving to Hatteras Island. I am a passionate traveller, and I never expected to call Hatteras home for long (no one ever thought I'd "settle down") but I met Daniel rather quickly after moving to the Island, and well, here I've stayed. After we were married in 2001, I continued graduate work at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va. I have served on the Board of Directors of the Dare County Arts Council and served as Vice-President and President of the Outer Banks Wedding Association. I am really excited to be a part of Fearless Photographers, an international organization of photographers who think, live, and shoot "outside the box" and contribute to the world around them. After seeing the significant benefit of attending Foundation Workshop for Daniel in 2016, in  January of 2017,  I attended Foundation First Wedding Photojournalism Workshop in TX. The experience was life-changing, and as a result I've really been able to find my voice as a storyteller. 

Our family.

Just a little about our family. We have two children, Jackson (14) and Makenzey (12), 3 dogs Walter, Gerty, and Crimson, a goldfish named Fred, and we've recently adopted a bird named Odie. Our life is like anyone's - it has lots of good times, bad times, and everything in between. We like to think that the good times outweigh anything, and above it all, we just try to have fun living life together.